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  • High Stakes H.O.R.S.E Poker Strategy

    High limit HORSE poker is quickly becoming one of the more prestigious and sought after poker games in the world. After all, it pits player against player in the five most popular forms of poker. What better way to decide whom the best poker player in the world is? With that in mind, you are going to need to make sure you have some pretty good skills when you first sit down to challenge any kind of high stakes HORSE games. I suggest signing up at Full Tilt Poker and watching the pro's play at the $2,000/$4,000 tables.

    Big games, excellent players

    High limit HORSE brings together some of the finest poker players in the world. At Full Tilt Poker you can find games with stakes as high as $1,000/$2,000 and these aren’t games you want to mess around with. You are going to need lots of money, lots of guts and be really good at five different forms of poker. Here are four quick tips for high limit HORSE play:

    More so than at the other levels you will need to study your opponents and study them well. Because of the volatile nature of all the games at this high of a level, you will need every bit of information you can get in order to help extract some money from your opponents. Be vigilant about taking notes and invest in a good statistical software program that can help you find leaks in your opposition.

    You are going to be playing against professionals at high limit HORSE games, be aware that they have large bankrolls and are in general extremely well rounded poker players. If you cannot put yourself on this same level, you need to seriously consider whether or not you should be playing.

    Play your strong hands very hard and fast. In a game filled with better players you are much more likely to get respect when you have a good hand. At the same point, this is an excellent time to exploit a player that might have lower starting hand requirements than you. Stick to the best hands and play them hard when they come both to limit the field and to extract maximum profit from your opponents.

    Omaha hi lo and seven card stud hi lo can be very wild and crazy games at the high stakes. Be certain that you can adapt to this wild style of play. More so than in the other limits will it be important to put an emphasis on scooping the pot. On the same note however, if the game is so tight that most of the pots are often heads up, be sure to aggressively pursue high hands when the situation is right.


    High limit games can change character very quickly. With that in mind you need to be able to realize the character of a game and then be able to adapt. Tight games in which not many people are entering the pot are great opportunities for you to loosen up and play more hands, while still maintaining a high degree of aggressiveness. If on the other hand you find the games are kind of getting loose and crazy then you might need to slow down a little bit and play more conservatively. Because some of the games can get very aggressive and require a lot of betting and raising to stay in, you are going to need to make sure you are playing profitable hands that have a good chance of winning. Chasing with second best hands in Razz poker, hi lo or Omaha hi lo will absolutely one hundred percent bankrupt you, and at the high limits we are talking about a lot of money.