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  • Guide To 7-Game Mix At Pokerstars in 2014

    7 game pokerUpdated In November, 2021 - Pokerstars introduced a mixed poker game called 7-Game Poker to compete against Pokerstar's increasingly popular 8 Game Poker. 7 Game Mix was very successful as more and more players craved testing their skills at the mixed game tables. Since then however a new game has stolen the hearts of many 7-Gamers: 10-Game Poker. 7 Game is a hybrid of fixed limit, pot limit and no limit poker games. 7 Game mix is basically 8 Game Poker without the Triple Draw rotation. You can still find decent action at the 7 Game tables at Poker Stars in 2013.

    7 Game Poker Articles:

    Below is a list of the games included in 7 Game poker:

    7 Game Poker Mix:

    H - Fixed Limit Hold'em

    E - Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud H/L

    R - Fixed Limit Razz Poker

    O - Fixed Limit Omaha H/L

    S - Fixed Limit Seven Card Stud

    H - No Limit Texas Hold'em

    A - Pot Limit Omaha

    So this mixed poker game will rightfully be called "HEROSHA". Each game will be played for 10 hands and then you will move on to the next game. 7-Game can be played at a variety of stakes which is a sure sign that it is here to stay.

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    In mixed games like 7 Game poker that combine fixed limit with pot and no limit they always make the PL and NL stakes lower to make the average pot size comparable to the FL games. For instance, if the stakes are $1/2 for the fixed limit games the pot and no limit games will be $.25/50. Seven game poker game be played with 2 - 8 players. I just checked and there are several high stakes 7-Game mix tables active. Currently Gus Hansen and Richard Ashby are playing at the $1,000/$2,000 7 Game tables.

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    How 7-Game Poker Came To Be - conspiracy theory

    Seven-Game Poker was a huge success and 8-Game mix at Pokerstars quickly became one of the most played mixed poker games, even passing the number of players found at the H.O.R.S.E poker tables. This may be revenge for Pokerstars stealing the world record for the largest online poker tournament a couple years back. Full Tilt had planned to beat Pokerstar's record of 35,000 players on their 5th birthday but in a last minute display of cut-throat marketing Pokerstars put together a tournament that started an hour after Full Tilt's and took the record back by hosting a tournament with 65,000 players.