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  • What is H.O.S.E Poker?

    Poker Stars has one of the best mixed games formats in the industry. It’s called HOSE poker and you need to get to one of this 2014 poker site right away to try things out. HOSE is a mixed poker game that combines four popular forms of poker into one fun and exciting game. If RAZZ poker just isn’t your game or you’d rather just take the time to focus on the four games that’s offered, then HOSE may be a perfect fit for you. Bovada Poker and BetOnline do not offer HOSE but they are the best US poker sites in 2014. HOSE is an acronym for the games that are played:

    H- Limit Hold’em

    O - Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)

    S - Limit Seven Card Stud

    E - Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)

    When you go to play HOSE poker at either Full Tilt or Poker Stars you will first need to find a limit that fits your needs. When you play HOSE poker, all the games are fixed limit. So if you find yourself at a $4/$8 HOSE table, then each game will be fixed at those limits. There are no pot or no limit games in the HOSE format unless specifically pointed out when you begin the game.

    Once you have picked a table that you are comfortable with you’ll have to get used to the rotation of the game. Depending on what kind of table you pick, the rotation could come in one of two ways. The games will either change with each rotation of the button or every ten hands. Full Tilt generally changes the game every ten hands.

    HOSE Poker availability at Poker Stars in 2014

    hose poker rulesPoker Stars is an excellent place to try out HOSE poker, mainly because they have a wide selection of tables and tournaments. Players can find HOSE games as small as $0.10/$0.20 up to $30/$60 they also have a wide variety of tournaments with buy ins all over the map. Use the Pokerstars referral code PSP11820 for a 100% up to $600 bonus. This bonus will actually apply to your first 3 deposits. read our 2014 Pokerstars review for more details.

    HOSE Poker availability at Full Tilt

    what is hose pokerFull Tilt is the place to go for high limit HOSE games. They have games with limits as high as $1,000/$2,000! Be careful though, these games are regularly filled by the biggest names in both online and live poker! If you’re not quite ready for the mega limits they offer a nice selection of micro and low limit games as well. Of course, even if you can’t afford these limits it’s very fun to watch these insane poker players play at this sky-high limit. Often betting more than most people earn in a YEAR, the pots are simply unreal at this level. Entering the referral code BONUSSTUD will give you a 100% bonus up to $600 + a seat at our special freerolls. Read our FullTilt.com Review 2014 for more details.


    Pokerstars offers excellent player bonuses and excellent player retention. Poker Stars and Absolute Poker have an excellent VIP programs to keep loyal players happy and Full Tilt Poker offers an amazing deposit bonus of up to $600. While Absolute doesn't offer much HOSE traffic Pokerstars and Full Tilt are excellent places to get your feet wet and try out HOSE poker. Just keep in mind that HOSE is a rather new mixed game format (in online poker) and you might have to be a little more patient for games to develop. Definitely wait it out though because you’ll find that a lot of players have trouble adapting to the different games and there is a lot of money to be won.