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    Guide To 8-Game Poker Mix At Poker Stars & Full tilt poker

    8 gameUpdated In January, 2022 - Taking the mix-game agenda to another level, Pokerstars was the first to offer 8-Game Poker. They call it 8-Game Poker because frankly, THORSEHA just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily as “8-Game Poker”! In 2013 the traffic at the 8-Game tables has grown beyond what Horse poker, the traditional mixed game, ever received. They are also hosting a wide range of 8-game poker tournaments and sit and go's including a huge GTD tournament every Sunday. Full Tilt Poker now offers 8-Game but their 10-Game mix is nearly as popular as 8-Game is at Stars. Let's get back to the rules of 8-Game though. At Pokerstars each of the these games is played for 6 hands in the following order:

    T - Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

    H- Limit Texas Hold’em

    O - Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)

    R - Razz Poker

    S - Limit Seven Card Stud - This link leads to the internet's largest Stud poker website.

    E - Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)

    H - No Limit Texas Hold’em

    A - Pot Limit Omaha

    If you are unfamiliar with any of the games listed above we have a huge selection of rules and strategy articles covering every game. Please visit either our poker game rules section which covers the rules for every card game listed above and more. If you already know the rules but want to improve your performance visit our poker strategy section. This web site contains everything you will need to master the most demanding mixed poker game in the world, 8-Game Poker.

    Clearly it will take a player time to grasp the fundamentals of each of the games in 8 Game Poker . Allot even more time to master them. Read our 8 Game Poker strategy article for some solid tips for this difficult mixed game. In the meantime, a smart player will pick a range of these games to learn well and adapt their play accordingly. The reality is that many players in these games will be weak at more games than they’re strong at. Note taking becomes a critical component in this game for many reasons. Even if you’re not a big fan of taking notes on other poker players, you should at least list the games that each player appears more comfortable with. An example would be:

    “Player PokerGuy21 tends to fold every hand in Seven Card Stud unless he has the bring in. Same goes for Razz. Strong Omaha player.”

    With this small note that will take seconds to enter, you now know that if this player is raising from UTG in a round of Stud he’s likely very strong. Conversely, you’ll know that he’s more familiar with the other games and begin to see the signs of when to steer clear of this player and when to exploit his weaknesses.

    You need to also be aware that the limits will change in this game when moving from No-Limit to Pot-Limit to Limit to maintain the stakes and betting rounds. If any of the levels make you somewhat uncomfortable you should stick to premium starting hands at those levels. Don’t get into the habit of sitting out rounds however, as this is not only unethical but it will also get you auto-ejected from the game!

    In summary, you will see a ton of action in this mixed-game format. Many players that are new to the “action” games like Omaha will play far too many hands. With the game changing every round, players will find it difficult to “get into a groove” and this does level the playing field to a degree. If you stick to our advice and work to master just a few of these games rather than trying to take them all in at once you’ll find that this can be a very fun diversion from the “same old grind”. Good Luck at the tables!

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