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    Full Tilt once again has been an innovator with online poker by introducing another mixed game format that should prove quite popular. This time it is a two game format that includes limit versions of two popular poker games:

    H - Limit Texas Hold’em

    O - Limit Omaha Hi Lo


    In the HO poker mixed format there is a fixed limit for each game. If you decide to play at a $10/$20 HO game, each game will be at that limit only, there will be no pot limit or no limit games unless specified at the beginning of the game. When playing HO at Full Tilt Poker, the game will change every ten hands.

    ho poker

    HO game availability at Full Tilt Poker

    FullTilt.com Poker in 2014 has basically been the pioneer of mixed games and as such they have quite the wide selection of HO games available. Full Tilt offers low and micro limit games starting at $0.50/$1.00 and going as high as $1,000/$2,000. Once again, like all the other high limit games at Full Tilt’s mixed games, you need to be very careful and watch out at these tables. Don’t take on these high limits unless you have a huge bankroll and you are very good at these two games. If you still need to learn either of these games, trust us, it’s a lot easier to learn these games individually and at the small micro limits.

    The main thing you can do to take advantage of the HO format is to study and get good at Omaha hi lo. Many people simply don’t understand the complexities of this game and it clearly will be where you can make the most money in this format. A common problem for players in Omaha hi lo is to not fold early enough and to try and win with low hands that are no good. If you can find and exploit the weaknesses of poor Omaha hi lo players then you will make a lot of extra money at HO.

    Full Tilt Poker is an excellent room to try out mixed games at. As an incentive to try out their many mixed game formats, they offer players a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $600. This is an excellent boost to your bankroll that could help you learn one of the games you may not be as good at in the mixed format. Remember, being good at each type of game is one of the most important parts to being a solid mixed game player. You will also be able to play in our $1,000 bi-weekly freerolls when you signup through us. If you aren’t proficient in all the games, then step aside and practice them individually before putting all your chips on the line in a mixed game format. With many players gravitating away from Hold’em and looking for more action, mixed games are proving to be a profitable venue for players that are prepared. So gear up, study, and go crush these games at Full Tilt Poker.