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  • Guide To OE Poker At Fulltilt

    oe pokerOE poker is unique to Full Tilt Poker in that no other site (at the time of this writing) offers it as a mixed-game. Combining Stud H/L poker and Omaha Hi Lo, this game allows you to split time between the standard version where only the high hand wins and the more action-oriented Omaha Hi Lo game. The key to winning this game is identifying each player’s strong and weak game when you sit at the table. Smart players that are proficient at Stud H/L and Omaha Hi Lo should be able to easily turn a profit playing this new mixed game. Since many players are intimidated by bigger games such as HORSE poker, they will gravitate towards games such as OE at Full Tilt. Not fully understanding the subtle differences between the Limit and Pot Limit versions of the game, many of these players will bleed off massive amounts of cash at these tables. So how do you plan and take advantage of these players?

    oe poker

    Note taking is a small, very efficient method of tracking players and even a simple comment such as “Player cmybets will raise UTG in Omaha HL only with a medium pair and no low draw” or “Player hosspoker will always raise from the button if it’s limped to him”, will help you know when to avoid and more importantly, when to punish these players for their predictable moves. The same can be said for wild players that see far too many flops in Omaha H/L, a small note can pay big dividends later.

    Another common mistake is that players will tend to chase low hands in the Hi Lo rounds. Almost every strategy book on the planet says this is not a good idea, especially if a player is raising you here. Regardless, many weak players will chase these hands and you must be able to spot these folks because it’s a very profitable play to get into pots with them.

    Overall, a solid game plan and playing tight-aggressive poker should prove profitable in this game. At the lower limits most play will be wild and these are the players to take chips from as they will prone to make many mistakes in this game. Unless you have a strong made hand, it’s generally wise to avoid the rocks at the table. This advice may sound simple but it’s easy to fall into the habit of calling too many raises and seeing too many flops in Omaha Hi Lo. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap, let the fish do that!