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  • Guide To Holdem Mixed At Pokerstars

    holdem mixedIf you like to change gears while playing Texas Hold’em or you’re just looking to mix it up a little from Limit to No-Limit, then PokerStars has you covered. When you play at a Holdem Mixed table you will alternate between rounds of Limit Hold’em and No-Limit Hold’em. Each complete rotation of the button will signal the switch to a new round. The blinds will alternate as well in order to maintain similar betting rounds. Visit our 2014 Pokerstars review to find out about our exclusive bonus. This bonus is actually quite unique. You will receive a 100% match on not only your first deposit but also your 2nd and 3rd, or until you reach the maximum of $600.

    Your basic strategy for this game should be to identify which players act most aggressive during each round. For example, if you notice a player that tends to play more hands during the Limit rounds that likely means he’s willing to play a wider range of hands because he can’t be pushed around as easily versus No-Limit. Regardless, if he’s opening up his range to that degree and you can gain position on him, you should be able to raise him away from many hands pre and post-flop. You’ll also see more experienced No-Limit players calling down many bets in Limit. You have to be aware of these “sheriffs” because they’re going to look you up on the river to keep you honest. The easy to exploit these types of players is to stick to ABC poker. Play solid hands and don’t try to bluff in this round, especially at the lower limits. If bluffing is your strong suit, wait until the No-Limit rounds.

    Conversely, if a player tightens up during Limit but plays more hands during the No-Limit rounds (as many players will do), change your play accordingly. In other words, if he’s seeing more flops because of the “ease” of calling a $2 blind you should make sure that you’re aggressively raising pre-flop when you have strong starting hands. The same goes for hands where you have position over these types of players. Limit players that are used to check-calling when they’re on drawing hands can be punished here. There’s a big difference between check-calling a 5 dollar bet and check-calling a pot-sized bet. Look for the cues and don’t let these types see cheap cards. You must be willing to make them pay for it if they’re looking to draw out on you.

    In summary, good reads in this game and understanding your competition will pay dividends. Watch the players, take notes, have the willingness to switch gears not just when the game changes but during the same rounds. Keep your opponents guessing at this game and you should be able to capitalize quickly, especially with the influx of newer players to Mixed Holdem.