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  • How To Play SE Mix Poker At Full Tilt Poker

    se poker mixSE Poker is a mixed Seven Card Stud poker game which plays both Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi and is available at Full Tilt Poker (Read Review). A mixed poker game is a game where there are 2 or more rounds (depending on how many games are mixed in) in SE poker there are 2 different rounds which have a set amount of hands in each round. Each time the round changes the chat box will tell you what game you are switching to. If you are sitting down in the middle of a round, you can find the name of the game currently being played in the top bar of the window. All rounds are played in fixed limit structure and is only available for real money players at $8/$16 stakes. Pokertars

    Games Included in SE Poker:

    S.E. Poker Game 1 - Seven Card Stud


    The point of the game is to make your best 5 card poker hand out of the 7 cards dealt to you. In Seven Card Stud Hi, the game starts with each player placing an ante on the table. The dealer will then give each player 2 hole(face down) cards and 1 face up card. The person with the smallest card showing is forced to act first by placing a 'bring in' bet on the table. The action will continue to the left of that player and players will have the chance to call, raise or fold. After the pot is right, the dealer will deal each remaining player a second face up card(fourth street). Then another betting round which is started by the player with the highest cards showing as are the remaining betting rounds. Then the dealer will give each remaining players another face up card(fifth street) followed by another betting round and then another face up card(sixth street) and another round of betting. The dealer will then deal each player left in the hand their final card(the river) face down. After all players have received their river card the final betting round will follow finishing with the showdown if bets are made and called.

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    S.E. Poker Game 2 - Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo


    Now, 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo's play and betting structure is just like regular 7 Card Stud (hi), the only difference between the two games is that instead of only trying to make the best 5 card poker hand, you are also trying to make the worst 5 card poker hand as the main pot is split evenly into these two pots. The best example of the best and worst 5 card poker hand is the Wheel, especially if it is suited. The wheel is the lowest possible straight, Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5. When going for the low hand, straights and flushes don't count, so you are just trying to make sure you don't have any pairs or sets of trips in your hand. Because flushes don't count for the low pot, but are pretty nice for the hi pot, a suited wheel means not only do you have the lowest possible hand but you also have an Ace high flush. Experienced 7 Card Stud players will tell you that a smart Stud player only plays hands that are going for both pots.

    The Fixed Limit Format Explained


    Fixed limit is probably the easiest limit structure to understand other than the self explanatory no limit. Fixed limit means that there is a fixed amount of chips you can raise each betting round. Including the first bet, a fixed limit game can be bet 4 times in one round. For example, if you are playing $4/$8 stakes, the first betting round will start at $4 and can then be raised to $8, $12 and capped off at $16. On the second betting round the amount will double with the first bet starting at $8 and can then be raised to $16, $24 and capped off at $32.