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  • Omaha Hi-Lo Mixed Rules And Strategy

    omaha h/l mixedPokerStars continues to add to their mix of games (pun intended) with the introduction of Omaha Hi Lo Mix. Following suit with their introduction of Hold’em Mix, the game alternates between rounds of Pot Limit and Limit Omaha Hi Lo. Each complete rotation of the button will constitute a round and each round will either be Limit or Pot Limit. The blinds will adjust accordingly to keep the betting rounds in line with each other. Below are some articles that will help you become a better Omaha H/L Mixed poker player.

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    The majority of players will naturally lean towards one variant or the other when it comes to Limit versus Pot Limit. From a strategic standpoint it’s beneficial to identify who these players are. If you’re a well-rounded player who feels comfortable playing both games you should be able to pad your bankroll very quickly with this game, particularly if you find yourself at a table with Limit style players.

    At the lower limits so many players have a tendency to chase low draws. During the Pot Limit rounds this can be very profitable. For example, if a player is holding Ax 2x 4x 9x and the board comes Kx Tx 6x, many will chase the low even though they missed completely. With two cards to go they need to go runner-runner with cards lower than an eight (to qualify for the low). If you’ve connected with your Kings here you should always bet aggressively (a pot sized bet). You’ll be surprised at how many of these weaker players will chase a low hand vs. your made high hand. Long term this is not a profitable move so the quicker you’re able to spot these players the better.

    During the Limit rounds you’ll need to watch for players that like to chase cheap draws. These same players will often play a much wider range of starting hands because they don’t have to fear pot-sized bets if they miss or they’re on a draw. Regardless, with the action that Omaha Hi Lo brings you’re typically in good shape with a made high or made low hand.

    If you’re trying out these games for the first times you should take the time to observe the rounds that individual players tend to play most. Make the incremental adjustments to your game as you ID these players and make sure to take notes. If you’re able to do this and build on your strengths and their weaknesses, you’ll be able to profitably enjoy this new mixed poker game for the long term.