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    bet on sports onlinePlaying poker can become tedious at times. Many poker players tend to switch to casino gambling when they need a break. Some of the top US poker sites are also the best sportsbooks for USA citizens in 2014. There is another option that provides a much more entertaining and profitable experience though. Generally speaking, online sportsbooks give you more value for your wagers than casinos or poker rooms. Bookmakers typically charge a small fee for each bet, the juice. Casinos are the complete opposite. If you win $1,000 at the Blackjack tables the casino will have lost $1,000. Poker rooms use a rake system which is similar to juice but it eats away at your money much faster. Live sports betting is insanely popular in 2014. Poker has taken a turn for the worse, especially for Americans, and casino gambling has always been a money trap for many players. The events of Black Friday has turned many people off from online poker. I personally lost a massive amount of money to rooms like Full tilt Poker. Sports betting has turned out to be the perfect solution. It not only gives me something fun to do but I've managed to steadily bring in money every month from it. The football and basketball betting season is about to start so there has never been a better time to get into betting on sports. I recently publish an article about online horse racing betting for Americans.

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    horse poker
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    US poker sites in 2014

    The best online sportsbooks for americans in 2014 - U.S. friendly sports books

    Online sportsbooks are mostly left alone by the US government, according to this online betting report blog. They are currently on a crusade against online poker rooms so sportsbooks are able to operate without all of the drama. There are 1,000 poker rooms online for every bookmaker. It takes a large, well organized company to run a successful sports book. The lack of options doesn't effect quality though. The sportsbooks listed below are well respected and have excellent track records. Bovada is probably the best NFL sportsbook and www.BetOnline.ag is the best NBA sportsbook. Both also offer a first class poker room and casino.

    Why bet on sports? how profitable is sports betting?

    The best thing about sports betting is that you can turn a little research into stacks of cash. Many inexperienced sports bettors think that they have to be sports fanatics to turn a profit from sports betting. This couldn't be further from the truth. When you are just starting out the main thing you will need to learn is how the various bets work. Learning about pointspreads, moneyline bets, over/under bets, futures bets and several others should be your first priority. Some of these bets are ideal for people that know little about the teams and players. You can simply make a bet and have a roughly 50/50 chance of winning. Let's say the Bulls and the Pacers are playing each other. We will assume that the Bulls are the huge favorite. One good option for someone that knows little about basketball betting would be spread betting. The sportsbook will give the Pacers a certain number of points. This basically equals things out so that it doesn't matter which team you bet on. You can basically randomly pick teams and you will have nearly the same odds of winning as a seasoned sports bettor. Basketball spread betting and basketball moneyline betting is the best for new gamblers.

    I say "almost" because the number of points the bookmaker gives the underdog has little to do with the expected outcome of the game. Online sports books want both sides of the bet to be equal. They want to take the losing sides money and use it to pay the winning side. This is because they make their money through the juice of vig. So sometimes a bookmaker will put out lines that seem to good to be true. This is how handicappers and serious sports bettors earn a living. They use their knowledge to find the lines that do not correspond with the expected outcome. This is what sports betting is all about. Another novice friendly wager is the moneyline bet. The bookmaker will list a line that looks like this: Chicago -275, Pacers +$300. If you bet on the Pacers, the underdog, you will win $300 for every $100 you wager. If you bet on the Bulls you will have to wager $275 to win $100. Because of the payout difference you can essentially pick either one and your still getting good value on your bet. Like with pointspreads, moneylines are not based on the expected outcomes, they are a tool the sportsbook uses to get an even amount of bets on each side.