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  • How To Play OA Mix Poker At Full Tilt Poker

    oa poker mixOA is a mixed poker game offered at Full Tilt Poker (Read Review). The games that are mixed in OA Poker are Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. Both games are played in the Pot Limit format and as with all mixed games at Full Tilt, you will play each Omaha variant for 10 hands per round. You can find OA Mix tables by going to the real money tab, then the ring game tab, next you will want mixed games, then at last you will scroll until you find the OA games in the lobby. There are only a few different low stakes available to play. The lowest stakes are $.25/$.50 and the highest stakes are $2/$4.

    Games Included in OA Poker:

    Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo - the "O" In OA Poker


    Omaha Hi-Lo is one of today's most popular Omaha games. In Omaha Hi-Lo, like any kind of Omaha, there is a small blind and a big blind that are to the left of the dealer button. Starting with the small blind, the dealer will give each player 4 hole cards. The player to the left of the big blind is first to act and then action goes around the table with the big blind being last to act. Then comes the flop(the first 3 community cards) followed by another betting round, then the turn(the fourth community card) and another betting round, finishing up with the river card(the final community card) and the final betting round. Players must then make their best 5 card poker hand using 2 of their hole cards and 3 of the community cards. The added bonus with Omaha Hi-Lo is that there are two pots you are playing for, the high pot and the low pot. Good players know to only play hands that are going for both pots for better odds.

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    Pot Limit Omaha - The "A" In OA Poker


    Regular Omaha poker is played the same way as Omaha H/L except for the fact that only the high hand counts. In OA poker it is played in pot limit format, which is basically the only way this game is played anywhere. PL Omaha, also known as PLO, is the 2nd most popular poker game played online, 2nd only to Texas Hold'em. The action tends to be pretty fast with pot sized bets being very common.

    The Pot Limit Format Explained


    Pot Limit means that you can only bet or raise as much as is already in the pot if you were to call (had a bet already been made). Unlike a fixed limit game where you can only raise a certain amount before it is capped and you get the next card. In Pot Limit it is a little trickier and can't get much more expensive! Say someone there is 150 in the pot and the player before you is the first to bet and bets 25. You can then raise to 200 which breaks down to the 150 in the pot, the 25 the other player bet and the 25 you would have put in the pot were you to just call. Now if the next person raises that to the max, it can get pretty expensive. It is not uncommon to see many players all in before the river in lower stake games.