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    Updated In November, 2021 - If you are looking to learn HORSE poker and mixed game poker or you are a seasoned veteran looking for a good place to play the game, then look no further than Poker Stars. Poker Stars is the world’s largest online poker site and they have action twenty four hours a day seven days a week, especially for HORSE and mixed games players. This poker site really has the best of it in many categories. They have excellent customer support, good banking options and the absolute biggest and best player base in the world. Poker Stars also still accepts American players who are looking to take advantage of the recent surge in popularity for HORSE and other mixed games.

    2014 Pokerstars marketing code bonus

    2014 poker stars referral code

    When you enter the Pokerstars referral code PSP11820 you will qualify for the best bonus in 2014. If you choose to deposit you should enter the bonus code STARS600 in the deposit screen. The bonus you will receive is three 100% match bonuses up to $600 and 4 tickets to the $100k freerolls. We also offer a free $20 instant cash credit. Make a$20+ deposit and use the 2014 Poker Stars bonuscode FREE20 and they will put $40+ in your cash account. We will also offer Pokerstar bonus codes in 2014 on a regular basis. You need to enter both our Pokerstars marketing code and the bonus code to claim the 3 bonuses and the freeroll tickets. You can break this bonus up as well. For example, you can deposit $200 on each of your first 3 deposits and you will receive a 100% match on each, for a total of $600. They have one of the most generous VIP programs in the industry. In addition to this they have the best software and are the largest room so a deposit bonus is really unimportant when you look at the room as a whole. The $600 bonus is also quite easy to clear which can't be said about a majority of poker room bonuses. Must other poker sites are only offering a $50 bonus at Pokerstars, our bonus is 12X bigger. This is a limited time offer though so you better take advantage of it asap. This 2014 marketing code for Pokerstars will also give you access to hundreds of freerolls a day and special free money bonus offers.

    2014 - New Pokerstars VIP Program - Stellar Rewards

    Starting January 1st, 2014, Pokerstars will be upgrading their already top ranked VIP program. Cash game and tournament players will earn more points per hand (or buy-in fee) and the VIP tiers have been lowered considerably. If you are not familiar with their VIP program it is without rival. There are 6 different VIP levels and at each level you will earn FPP's faster, as shown below:

    • BronzeStar - Everyone starts here
    • SilverStar - Requirement, 750 FPP's. (used to be 1,200) - Earn points 50% faster
    • GoldStar - Requirement, 3,000 FPP's - Earn points 100% faster
    • PlatinumStar - Requirement, 7,500 FPP's - Earn points 150% faster
    • Supernova - Requirement, 100,000 FPP's (you have all year!) - Earn points 250% faster
    • Supernova Elite - Requirement, 1,000,000 FPP's (you have all year!) - Earn points 400% faster

    Another change in 2014 is the Stellar rewards promotion. You will receive instant cash as you earn points. This bonus did not exist in 2009. Here is a chart below:

    Yearly VPP:
    Stellar Reward:

    I still consider myself a recreational player because I put less than 10 hours in a week and rarely play at more than one table. Yet in the last 6 months I have traded in my points for a Nintendo Wii, about 5 t-shirts, a belt and several misc. items. I have also used some of my points to enter some tournaments. I bring this up to show you how +EV this program really is, I can only imagine how these improvements are going to make this program even better in 2014.

    USA citizens at Pokerstars in 2014

    There are already a few legal US poker sites in 2014. Currently though, USA citizens at Pokerstars can only play for fun. When Pokerstars accepts U.S. players I will update this review. This is expected to happen this year. Americans can visit this list of USA poker sites 2014 at USPokerSites2014.net.

    2014 Pokerstars Network and Player Action

    Poker Stars is on their own, independent poker network. They don’t share their software with anyone else and there are no other rooms that use their traffic. With that said however, they don’t need any help, Poker Stars is consistently the number one site in the world for player traffic and action. At peak times they can have as many as twenty five thousand players online and between fifteen and twenty five active HORSE and mixed game tables going. Poker Stars is certain to be one of the best places to play mixed game poker as it continues to rise in popularity.

    HORSE poker and mixed games game selection

    Poker Stars has the best selection of HORSE and mixed games on the Internet. Players will find games with limits starting as low as $0.10/$0.20 and going up to $5/$10. The great news is that you can find a game at nearly any of these levels pretty much all the time. Usually all the games are full and players of any skill level or bankroll should be happy with what they find. They currently offer HORSE poker, Mixed Holdem, Mixed Omaha H/L , PLH/PLO, 8-Game Mix , Triple Stud and HOSE.

    HORSE and mixed games tournament selection

    HORSE tournament players will also be happy with the selection they find at Poker Stars. They have both sit n go and regular multi table HORSE and mixed games tournaments running all day every day. With HORSE and the mixed games formats quickly getting more popular, Poker Stars has responded by running more and more tournaments in the various formats. Players will find tournaments with buy ins below five dollars and high limit tournaments that cost $100 to $200 to enter. Poker Stars even has mixed hold’em and mixed Omaha Hi-Lo games that switch between limit, no limit and pot limit formats as the game carries on. Just recently they added 8 Game Poker to their line-up, this is the most challenging mixed poker game I've ever played. Update (October, 2009), Pokerstars has recently added PLH/PLO to their mixed game line-up.

    Customer service and banking

    Poker Stars has built a reputation of being one of the most trusted and reliable poker sites out there. They have good customer service and a wide range of banking methods for their international customer base. The one downfall is that they only offer customer support via email. The great news though is that the customer service agents are very knowledgeable and their responses are always fast. You won’t be waiting days and days to hear back from Poker Stars customer support, usually they answer within a few hours.

    Banking at Poker Stars is reliable and secure. They offer a wide range of deposit options including instant bank draft, credit card, Neteller, Skrill and many more. Cash outs at Poker Stars in 2014 are always fast and usually they are credited back using the method you initially deposited with.