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    7 game poker rulesUpdated In January, 2022 - 7 Game Poker is was created in 2010 and was Fulltilt Poker's premier mixed poker game during most of the year. It is still exclusively available at Full Tilt Poker but their new mixed game 10-Game Poker quickly became their most popular mixed poker variant. There are still some loyal 7-Game enthusiasts at Full Tilt Poker though. This article will teach you how to play 7-Game Mix poker. If you have ever played Pokerstar's 8-Game mix you will like this game a lot, especially if you are like me and tend to do poorly in the 2-7 Triple Draw rotation. 7-Game poker is a mixed poker variant that combines 7 different games and uses a mix of fixed limit, pot limit and no limit formats. Each game will be played for 10 hands and then you will move on to the next game in the line-up. Below is a list of the games that make up 7 Game Poker, in the exact order in which they are played.

    7 Game Poker Mix:

    H - FL Texas Holdem

    E - FL 7 Card Stud H/L

    R - FL Razz Poker

    O - FL Omaha H/L

    S - FL Seven Card Stud

    H - NL Texas Holdem

    A - PL Omaha Poker

    As I mentioned above you will play each game for 10 hands and move on to the next one. It takes a lot of skill to be able to play 7 different poker games well. Most players have little experience outside of Texas Holdem so there is a lot of easy money to be won by well rounded players. The links above will take you to the rules page for each game. You will also find many strategy articles on this site.

    Mixed poker games like this have been on the rise recently. At Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars combined you can find thousands of players at the mixed tables and that number is growing continually. At the beginning of 2012 Full Tilt Poker launched 8-Game, 9-Game and 10-Game Poker. Poker Stars has launched Triple Stud. This new breed of mixed game as stole much of the lime-light from horse poker but you'll still find plenty of action at the horse tables at both poker rooms and many casinos.

    how to play 7 game

    7 Game Poker Rules

    Since it is a mixed game, 7Game poker doesn't really have any specific rules besides that each game will be played for 10 hands per rotation. Each game has it's own set of rules so be sure to visit the link below to learn how to play all of the games that are included in 7-Game mix.

    7 Game Poker Mix Tips

    A lot of players will be heading to the 7 Game Poker tables to check out the "hot new game" at Full Tilt. Most of these players will only have rudimentary knowledge on the proper rules and winning strategies for each card game included in 7-Game. This will create what I like to call an "easy money" environment for well rounded players that know how each game is played and the basic strategies such as hand selection and odds.

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    I can already tell you the "weak spots" many 7 Game Poker players will have. A weak spot is a game that a player isn't very good at. In 7 Game mix and most other mixed poker games this weak spot is Razz poker. For some reason people just hate Razz. I myself tend to do somewhat poorly during the Razz rotation. This is the game you will want to work on the most. The average Seven Game Poker player will tend to chase low cards with bad starting hands so if you can master razz and you play tight you will certainly do well. Below I have added a link to our poker strategy index where you can find strategy articles on every poker game that is included in 7-Game.