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  • Avoiding Common H.O.R.S.E Poker Mistakes

    When you need to master five poker variations to succeed in HORSE poker there is little room for error, yet I find many people making beginner mistakes that can’t be done if you want to make money. HORSE poker is still a fairly unpopular game of poker, but it has been picking up some steam lately in many of the online poker rooms. If you’re beginning to play H.O.R.S.E poker whether in tournaments or cash tables you’ll need to make sure you avoid the common HORSE poker mistakes that I’m going to discuss with you below.

    Not Fully Understanding the HORSE Poker Rules

    There are five variations of poker played in HORSE poker and there constantly rotating so you need to know how to play all five variations, which I talked about in an earlier article. You’ll be simply wasting your money if you don’t know how to play some of the variations of H.O.R.S.E poker and I strongly advise that you avoid the mistake of thinking you can win when you don’t know the rules to all five games.

    Avoiding Your Own Strengths

    I often see many HORSE poker players avoid their strengths and this disturbs me. If you want to play to your maximum capability in H.O.R.S.E poker then you need to know how to play to your strengths. For instance if you’re great at playing Texas Holdem and not so great at Razz poker then you should try focusing on the hands when you’re playing Texas Holdem, and fold the hands when playing Razz. Often players get mixed up in pots in the hands where the variation of poker being played isn’t their strength and it costs them their chip stack. Work on playing tight poker and playing your strengths, you should also notice you get more respect in the variations you excel in when you bet those hands only which means you can set-up some nice bluffs down the road. If you would like to improve your Holdem skills please read our Texas Holdem strategy article.

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    Assuming you’ll win Money in H.O.R.S.E Poker

    H.O.R.S.E Poker isn’t for the weak at heart and you need to have the capability of learning how to play many different styles of poker, as well as being able to switch your style on a dime. HORSE poker constantly rotates the poker variation played and you’ll need to know not only the rules to all five poker variations played in HORSE poker, but you’ll also need to know some strategy in all five games. You won’t be able to sit-out of all hands for a certain variation which is why it’s important that you know how to play all the variations. If you’re a beginner poker player then H.O.R.S.E poker might not be the right game for you and you should work on playing the variations separately before playing them together in HORSE poker. You’ll find that you win more money playing in single poker variation games rather then trying to compete in the king of king’s poker game.