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  • What Is Tilt In Poker?

    tilting pokerTilt, one of the biggest reasons that players lose lots of money unnecessarily. Tilt, one of the biggest reasons that players make lots of money very easily. Notice the stark contrast between these two lines. One demonstrates a player who can’t control his anger in the slightest of ways, the other tells of a player who takes advantage of this emotional rollercoaster. Now, which one do you want to be? Everyone wants to be the player who makes lots of money easily, but the reality is that most people are the ones tilting. It is infinitely harder to play a tiltless game than it is to play one driven by natural instinct and compulsive aggression. This would be one of the reasons that many of the best players in the world, or I should say most profitable players, are the ones who are able to best eliminate tilt from their game. Is playing without tilt a natural skill? No, this is rarely the case. The elimination of tilt is something that can only be achieved with time and practice.

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    Reasons for tilting In Poker

    Most poker players envision tilt as being onset by a horrific bad beat, it is portrayed that way on TV and it is the most easy to relate to scenario. The fact is, however, that small things can trigger tilt just as easily. If you can imagine a day where the smallest things just seemed to anger you way more than usual you will be able to understand how it also happens in poker. Getting raised out of position may have only ticked you off a little before, but today it is making you very angry. Gut reactions to situations like this are tilt kicking in. If we were playing tilt free poker we would have reacted calmly and with some type of logical backing. Tilt tends to force all logic aside. Game play situations such as these are not the only unnoticeable ways that tilt can be manufactured. Ever played tired, hungry, sick, or while intoxicated? These are all great ways to ignite an explosion of tilt. These seemingly small issues are hard to overcome. When you play under sub optimal conditions you can expect sub optimal results.

    Controlling your tilt

    If someone tells you that they never tilt, the odds are that they’re lying. It may be true that they don’t tilt much or that they don’t realize when they tilt, but it is more than likely that they do indeed tilt, to one extent or another. What is the best way to combat tilt? Well, there are a few choices.

    \If you are getting angry at small things it is probably a good idea to take a break. Maybe just a few hours will do the trick. That is all it usually takes to wipe away this type of tilt. The same can be said for when you lose a hand to a bad beat. Bad beats will happen, if one makes you angry the best way to regain focus is to take a break and come back with a clean mindset. If you are tired, hungry, sick, or intoxicated the only solution is to wait till the condition subsides. If you are tired, sleep. If you are hungry, eat. Etc. This is the easiest type of tilt inducer to wipe out. It is easy to eliminate the majority of tilt from your game if you are willing to follow these simple guidelines.