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    razz poker strategyRazz poker can be considered a game of patience, and it is important to have your razz poker strategy outlined before you go into serious play. An effective razz poker strategy is to play tight while attempting well time steals of the ante every chance that you get. How readers that are unsure how Razz is played please read this Razz poker rules article. many consider Razz to be the "weak game" for most mixed game players. By improving your understanding of Razz you will be giving yourself a huge advantage over the competition. Below are all of the mixed poker games that include Razz.

    Mixed Poker Games That Include Razz (ranked by popularity):

    Razz Poker Strategy: Starting Hands

    Razz starting hands are simple to remember: if you have low cards (less than a five) you have a great starting razz poker hand. The best starting hand in razz poker is of course the lowest, which would be ace-two-three. This is a hand that is a good betting and raising hand. Three cards under six is a mediocre razz poker starting hand that can be played with a bit of aggressiveness as well. Three cards over eight is a marginal hand that should be folded.

    Razz Poker Strategy: Observing Other Players

    Your opponents’ cards are very important in razz poker strategy. An observant razz poker player will view their opponents’ face up cards and have a much better idea of the strength of their own hand. Keeping an eye on the porches of the other players in the razz poker game is a great idea – it will help you determine both what is in the deck and what isn’t.

    Razz Poker Strategy: Live and Dead Cards

    An important aspect of 7 card stud, players hope that their cards are “live”, whereas razz poker strategy calls for them to be “dead”. For example, if you hold Ace-two-six to start and you two other twos, a six and an ace, you can feel more confident about your hand because it means that there is a lesser chance that you will make pairs that will make your hand weak or even make you lose. The more pairs you can count in your mind on other players’ porches, the fewer will likely end up in your hand.

    Razz Poker Strategy: Slow Play

    Razz poker is not a very slow playing game of poker. If you have a good hand, you want to play as slowly as possible to increase the pot, and thus, your profit. Slow play equals fast money in many razz poker hands.

    Razz Poker Strategy: Knowing When to Fold

    Just like the old country and western tune, you have to know when to fold in razz poker. Blowing your bankroll and losing your chips is easy if you form a habit of starting with bad hands or drawing with weak hands. If it appears that you have been beat, know your limits and know when to fold you cards and cut your losses. Save your money instead for hands that are more sure-fire.

    Razz Poker Strategy: Stealing Antes

    Ante stealing is important in razz poker, and even more so when you are playing for higher limits. If the bring in player is immediately to your left is folded, you should always complete the bet to steal the bring in and the ante. You won’t be successful every time, but when you do, your profits can be substantial. An ante stealing attempt is a good razz poker strategy, also, when you are the lowest face up card, or the second highest face up card if it is folded to you in the late position, although you shouldn’t get overly confident here.