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  • How Much To Raise Pre-Flop?

    pre flop raise sizePre flop raise sizing is always subject to change. There are many different variables that should be considered before a raise is ever made. Though each situation is indeed different, there are guidelines that can be followed to help establish standard raise sizes. Look at it this way, on a normal day you would drive around the speed limit, this would be your standard raise size. On a rainy day you would slow down. If it was snowing you would slow down even more. If it was a nice day out and you were on the highway you might drive a bit over the speed limit. This is exactly how pre flop raise sizing works in poker. Different situations will call for different raises, but the majority of the time you can play under a set of standard guidelines.

    Texas Hold'em Articles:

    Standard raise sizing in Texas Hold ‘Em

    These raises are assuming that you have a decent hand. It is up to you to determine what types of hands you will be raising with pre flop. Once you have these ranges narrowed down you will need to decide how much you will be raising. If you are the opening raiser your standard raise size should be 4x BB. 4x BB means four times the big blind. For example, if you are under the gun and are dealt AsQs at .50/1, you raise would be $4 as $4 is four times the big blind ($1). This is simple enough and should be your default raise size.

    If there are limpers ahead of you, say you are in middle position with that same hand, you will need to adjust your raise size. The easy way to determine how much to raise with limpers ahead is 4x BB +1 BB per player. Using this formula you will simply calculate what the standard raise would be (4x BB) and then add one big blind per additional player. If two limpers were ahead of you the raise should be to $6.

    If there is a raiser ahead of you it becomes much more complicated. For you to re raise the raiser you will need a very strong hand. It would also be ideal that you are in position. 3 betting sizes (re raise pre flop) should be rather large, while a 4 bet should be somewhat small. These bet sizes vary greatly and require the use of your own judgment to determine just how big (or small) they should be. 

    Stealing blinds pre flop

    If your only intent is to steal the blinds pre flop you should be either on the button or one off the button. Because you are so close to the small and big blind positions, you will be able to make smaller raises that are effective. The reason that you made larger bets in earlier spots (or with bigger hands) was because you had more players to push out. There are only two players left to beat on the button so a smaller raise will do the job. On the button, when stealing the blinds, a raise of 2.5x BB is all that is needed. One off the button, when stealing the blinds, a raise of 3x BB is all that is needed. There is no use in raising much more as you are not raising for value, you simply want a few folds.