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  • Tips And Tactics For Omaha Hi-Lo

    omaha hilo strategyPlaying Omaha hi lo can be very profitable simply based on the fact that many people who try to play it simply don’t understand the main concepts of the game and ultimately just give money away. There are a few simple strategy considerations in Omaha hi lo that will put you light years ahead of the competition and put you in a position to maximize profits against weak opponents. This article will outline a few of those strategies and give you the tools necessary to make a profit while playing Omaha hi lo. Omaha Hi-Lo stands for the "O" in HORSE poker so it is very important to understand the basic Omaha hi-lo strategies to improve your overall mixed poker game skill.

    Play for the scoop in Omaha hi-lo

    One of the biggest strategy considerations you need to make when playing Omaha hi lo is that you must be conscience of always trying to scoop the pot. This means you will be playing hands that are capable not of only taking the lo or hi half of the pot, but rather hands that have a good chance of taking both halves of the pot! You do this by making sound starting hand decisions and by dropping your hand when the flop doesn’t go your way. Believe it or not you will actually want to play less starting hands in Omaha hi lo than you would in Texas hold’em. Because the power of starting hands is much closer in Omaha you will be depending on the flop more often to determine the course of your hand. With that in mind however the importance in Omaha hi lo is to minimize your chances of being caught in a second or third best situation. Coming in second or third best in Omaha hi lo is a deadly mistake that will ultimately cost you all of your chips. Here are five excellent starting hands in Omaha hi lo that give you a good versatile base from which to scoop the pot:

    AA23 - This is the best hand in the game.
    AA2X - This is a versatile and powerful hand that is good for both the hi and the lo.
    A234 - Double suited this is a very powerful hand and it has a lot of potential to hit the wheel.
    AA3X - Sneak in on chumps overplaying A2 when a 2 falls on the board with this hand.
    A23X - versatile and powerful in many respects.

    Avoid second best situations

    This is the biggest mistake any player can make in Omaha hi lo. Often times you will have a good or even great hand, but it is not the best possible hand given the board and this is a dangerous way to play. Obviously you will have to read players and look at their betting patterns to determine whether or not they have the nut hand, but regularly getting into the habit of chasing with a second or third nut hand is not a good idea in Omaha hi lo.

    Another thing to be aware of is that constantly trying to play just for the lo hand can be dangerous. The reason behind this is because in general all your opponents are doing this too. Often times you will end up quartering the pot. What this means is that someone will win the high half of the pot but then two or more players will have to split the low half of the pot. What this adds up to is a lot of work for no money and often times you will lose money.

    Omaha Hi-Lo Summary

    Aside from strategic game time considerations, avoiding second best hands and having a mindset that focuses on scooping the pot are the most important things to keep in mind when playing Omaha hi lo. If you can avoid playing too many hands and falling into some of the traps that so many other players fall victim to, you can be a successful and profitable Omaha hi lo player.

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