• Lock Poker Payouts In October & November 2014

    lock poker cashout withdrawal pay out 2014 2015Lock Poker was once the largest poker site open to US players in 2014. Now they rank as the smallest US poker site in October, 2014. They got booted off of the Revolution Poker Network because of their slow payouts and the fact that they were only paying some players. LockPoker.eu rebranded when they got kicked off their network and became a stand-alone room. Several months ago Lock Poker attempted to get around their evil reputation by launching SuperWins.eu, a skin that uses the same platform and has the same players. The new Super Wins poker room in 2014  should be avoided. It is kind of like how Blackwater rebranded as Xe. The actual Lock Poker room has continued to fail month after month. They have been calling themselves Lock Poker 2.0 or some such nonsense but they are still the same corrupt, shady poker room. Lock Poker payouts in October, which will be also accurate in November, December and into 2015, are still slow. There are hundreds of people who never got paid by LockPoker. During the height of the Lock Poker withdrawal scandal even the Lock Poker Pros were trading Lock Poker money for $.05 on the dollar. You could buy $1,000 in Lock Poker funds for $50. The “new Lock Poker” has not done well. In late 2014 Lock Poker has around 60 real money players at the tables during peak hours and 30 during the slow hours. I’m sure a third of them are either bots or paid employees. Some of these players just sit at highstakes heads-up Holdem tables. I just looked now and there is a player named livboeree sitting at a $200/$400 NLH ring table with $40,000. Liv Boeree is one of those hot, sexy female professional poker players that online poker rooms like to hire for marketing purposes.


    Perhaps this player is one of those who saw an investment opportunity and was buying up Lock Poker money for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps they cannot cash the money out. I doubt that the 5-6 active real money tables at Lock Poker in late 2014 generate enough income to cover the server costs.

    Cashing Out At Lock Poker In October & November 2014

    Opening an account with an online casino or poker site accepting US players in 2014 is for many like taking a leap of faith. The reason is that in the absence of proper legislation, players need to undertake a lot of research to distinguish between reliable and dishonest operators. Lock Poker is just one of their options, but the question is whether these guys have shaken off their bad habits or if they are going to trick customers once again.

    A new face for Lock Poker In October & November 2014

    This is not the first time that prospective customers are pit against the difficult decision of whether to trust Lock Poker or not. The old version of the poker room underwent major changes but the biggest problem is that there are still players who are yet to have their rightful winnings credited to their bank accounts. When investigating the Lock Poker Payouts In October 2014, it is also important to keep an eye on these unsolved problems, because what happened before could happen again in the future. This US poker site payout report in October of 2014 covers the cashout speeds and withdrawal options at other US poker sites in October, 2014.
    The fact that Lock Poker has a new interface and tried to rebrand itself is good news, but the old issues need to be addressed. Apparently, they are paying their players much faster and this is good news for new members, but all customers are immensely frustrated. It is too early to come up with a definitive conclusion about what will happen next, but if past performance is used to predict future results, it is only fair to say that the alarm flags are out there.

    Lock Poker check payouts In October & November 2014

    There are two ways of withdrawing funds from your Lock Poker account and these are check and money transfers. Both of them have been available in the old version and were introduced to the new poker room, but the representatives promise that the process is significantly faster. LockPoker withdrawals in October 2014 were not formidable by any means, with players receiving their money by check in between eight and 12 weeks.
    It is a long time to wait for your money, especially when other poker rooms, such as like Full Flush Poker, BetOnline Poker and Sportsbetting Poker perform the same transaction in less than two weeks. With paper check payouts having a $45 fee and the maximum amount being capped at $3000, players might be better off choosing the other operators.

    Lock Poker money transfers In October & November 2014

    The other option for withdrawing cash from Lock Poker is to use the money transfer payouts, which is a relatively new addition. Lock Poker Payouts In October 2014 still takes between 5 and 10 weeks, an enormous period of time if compared to Bet Online Poker or Bovada Poker. These guys will have the money transferred in less than five days and they charge no commission, whereas at Lock Poker, 10% of the withdrawal is withheld by the poker room as a fee.


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