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  • Recognizing Weaknesses In HORSE Poker

    Many players are starting to take a liking to the mixed poker games being made available by the most popular online poker sites. These games offer players a lot of variety and are a welcome change from the regular grind of Texas Hold’em. With that in mind, some players might be taking to the mixed format with too much excitement. Players who aren’t well skilled at all of the game formats will quickly find out that the new game they are playing is quite costly. What this means is that players who are able to quickly identify the weaknesses in other players will benefit greatly and be able to make more money. In this article we will show you some of the things to look for in HORSE games when you are trying to identify player’s weaknesses. To take things further, we will offer tips for each specific game that will help you identify leaks and get paid off.

    Texas Hold’em

    Ideally this is the game most people probably started playing and the one most of your opponents will be the most experienced with. Now, just because they have the most experience at this game does not mean they are necessarily good at it! There are things you can look for right away that will help you find leaks in your opposition’s Hold’em game.

    Look for players who are playing too many hands, this is a dead giveaway of an inexperienced or loose Hold’em player.

    Look for players that you have run into in other Hold’em games and compare your notes and player statistics. They will be no different in the mixed game then they are in the regular game.

    weak games in horse

    Watching for players who play too many hands is the easiest weakness to notice in terms of Texas Hold’em. Players simply fail to brush aside the thought that any two cards can win and continually put themselves in bad situations by playing too many hands. Watch for subtle clues of poor hand choice like AX suited out of position or playing suited connectors out of position. Also watch for players who won’t lay down a strong pair despite evidence from others indicating their hand is beat.

    Omaha Hi Lo

    Omaha Hi Lo is arguably one of the more fun forms of poker currently being played. One of the reasons it’s so fun is because a lot of people are awful at it. Omaha Hi Lo is a definite weak point for many HORSE players and there are a few things you can do to pin down these weaknesses and exploit your opponents. The first thing you want to do is look for players who are always chasing low hands. Although taking the low half of the pot is great in Omaha Hi Lo, the real emphasis should be on taking both the pots. The problem with chasing after only the low half is that often times this is what everyone else is doing and you will end up quartering the pot and probably not even making money. Look for players who call down to the river and then fold or players who get excited when a low card comes on the turn. If they have a decent high hand they will be betting and raising, but if they are chasing, most likely they will sit calmly until they get a low hand. Keep note of these chasers in Omaha Hi Lo because they will be a great source of chips for you!

    Razz Poker

    This is the one game that can cost players tons of chips in the HORSE format. The reason is simply because most players aren’t familiar with the game and haven’t taken the time to Study it well. The easiest way to find a weak razz poker player is to look for a calling station that just keeps drawing and drawing until the end. Usually what will then happen is they will turn over a second or third best low hand and lose lots of chips. Take note of this right away and peg the player as a sucker. This kind of play shows that they simply don’t grasp the concepts of the low hand or what it takes to win with one. A player like this will be a constant source of profit for you when you have the best of things. The best strategy to take with a player like this is to try and keep them in the pot. You want them to think that if they do make their hand they will beat you. You however will be keener to what is really going on though by looking at their board cards and your other opponent’s board cards.

    Seven Card Stud

    While this is the easiest form of Seven Card Stud in the HORSE format, there are still a lot of weaknesses you can find in a player. The good news is that if they are showing weakness at regular Seven Card Stud, then they most likely are horrible at Hi Lo and razz, and that’s worth noting right there.

    Players who struggle with Seven Card Stud are usually the ones who never understand that drawing a lot of the time in Seven Card Stud is usually not profitable. Look for players who routinely go to fifth or sixth street without folding and who seem to call without warrant until the end. Most of the time they are hoping for one or two more cards that will give them a complete hand and even better, a lot of the time the hands they are drawing too won’t even beat the best hands on the table. Also look for players who seem confused or don’t play very well when they have an ace door card. An ace at the door is a great situation for a Seven Card Stud player and if you find someone fumbling with it, they most likely don’t have a lot of experience at the game.

    Seven Card Stud Hi Lo

    Seven Card Stud Hi Lo is another complicated Stud game that is included in the HORSE format. The most common mistakes people make in this game are playing too many hands and not folding on fourth or fifth street when things have gone south. Like regular Seven Card Stud, you want to watch for players who do a lot of calling and then simply fold late in the hand. The best players will get out early if they do not like what they see, while poor players will often hang around a card or two too long before finally pulling the plug.

    Players in Seven Card Stud Hi Lo often commonly over value their hands and keep going with them too far. If you see a player regularly showing down second or third best low and high hands at the show down, put a note on the player and extract as much money as possible next time you get them in a showdown situation.