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  • H.O.R.S.E Poker Strategy For Sit and Go's

    Sit n go’s in the mixed game H.O.R.S.E poker format are being seen more and more these days at popular online card rooms. In order to play this fun and challenging mixed game variation, there are a few strategies you will need to implement that might be a change from your normal game. Being that sit n go’s can escalate and lose players pretty quickly, the name of the game is completely about adaptation and constantly changing. This article will provide a framework for successful HORSE sit n go play.

    The initial and middle rounds

    During the initial round of the sit n go you will be playing Texas Hold’em and this is probably when most people will be comfortable. You want to use this round to quickly familiarize yourself with how your opponents play. Watch out for loose maniacs or players who play too many starting hands as this most likely will be a strong indication of how they are going to play in later rounds. The main point in the first few rounds though is to play tight. You need to have a nice chip stack to be successful in the later rounds of the tournament. The problem is that if you get to the Seven Card Stud games low on chips you are going to have trouble making a lot of money when you get a good hand. With more betting rounds than Omaha or Hold’em, Seven Card Stud can be very costly.

    When you get to the Omaha hi lo round, it is again important to play only the best hands and keep your emphasis on scooping the pot. While you may not get a score every time, when you are able to scoop a nice pot, those chips will often keep you alive until the very late rounds of the sit n go. Only start to play Omaha hi lo aggressively when the table gets down to say between three and five players. Most of the time you simply don’t have to play more aggressive before this because a lot of players still don’t grasp Omaha hi lo and they will chase second best low hands and other junk that just doesn’t pay.

    Razz poker is one of the more interesting rounds in the initial part of a sit n go. Many players are just awful at it and you can really capitalize on this. There is no reason to play extra tight if you think you can steal blinds and small pots from bad players. Watch the game closely and if you see a lot of weak razz players, go to town and start getting their chips. Razz is usually the game that makes or breaks players in HORSE because it’s the one game that players fail to consistently Study and get good at.

    Seven Card Stud strategy

    Both the Stud games with the exception of razz occur later in the tournament than the other three, and most likely you will only be seeing them more than once or twice if you are doing well in the tournament. With Seven Card Stud high, the best strategy is one that is tight but aggressive and slowly gets more aggressive as the tournament goes on. As you transition into the later rounds, start to play more aggressively at the beginning to steal pots and blinds and keep players off base. The same thing goes for hi lo, except as the tournament moves on start to play more high hands rather than lo hands. While you always want to take advantage of a good low hand if it comes, start playing some of the exclusive high hands that you were dumping the initial rounds of the tournament. High hands are the way to go in the late rounds of a tournament if there is a lot of heads up play.