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  • Tips & Tactics For HEROS Poker At Full Tilt

    heros poker strategyWhen playing any kind of mixed poker game, you should always make sure you are aware of what games are played and how they are played. For instance, the games mixed together in HEROS poker are Holdem, 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo, Razz, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud Hi. Make sure that you are familiar with what these games are, how they are played and what are the best starting and possible hands. The more information you have, the better off you will be. You don't want to sit down at the table and not know what's going on, so be sure you are always well informed about the game/s you are playing! Currently H.E.R.O.S is only available at Full Tilt Poker, read our review of Full Tilt Poker to learn about our weekly $500 private freerolls and the exclusive 100% match up to $600 bonus our players receive. I have added some links below to rules and strategy articles for each of the card games included in Full Tilt's HEROS mix poker.

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    HEROS Mix Strategy - Observe the Table


    Before sitting down at a HEROS table, watch the table for a few hands. Take a look at how many chips the players at the table are playing with in comparison with the minimum and maximum buy ins. Observing the table first also allows you to see how the game is being played. Some tables will be more aggressive than others, so it make take a few tables before you find one that fits your comfort level. Another added benefit you get from observing the table before taking your seat is that you can see if there are any bullies at the table, you might even catch someone bluffing while watching. There are a lot of tells you can see by simply opening a table and observing it's players and their game style.

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    HEROS Poker Strategy - Be Patient


    Patience is one of the most important virtues to have as a poker player, in fact it may be the only virtue many poker players have. Playing too many hands  when playing any poker game, especially HEROS, can get you into big trouble. New players often make the mistake of playing too many hands trying to get the feel of the game when they could get the same experience and information by sitting back and only playing good hands. If you make it a habit to play too many hands, you will end up losing more than you win. Although tight players don't seem to have a chance to win as many pots, when they do, they make them worth it.  

    H.E.R.O.S Poker Strategy - Prepare Your Bankroll


    Too often new players sit down at the table and buy in for the minimum allowed. This is a bad move in so many ways. First off, the minimum buy in is usually only 10-20 buy ins, even if you are playing fixed limit, you could be all in the first hand with a minimum buy in if each round is capped. The best way to know how to successfully prepare your bankroll is to observe the table as mentioned above. This will allow you to see how much other players are working with and also how they are betting.

    H.E.R.O.S Poker Strategy - Know How to Re-Raise


    HEROS is only available in fixed limit structure. This means that it takes a lot to get players with good draws out of the hand. Unlike pot limit or no limit where you can push major amounts into the pot, there is a set amount of money you can bet each round in fixed limit poker. This means that you can only bet in multiples of the blinds and it can only be 4 bets total per round. The most effective raising in fixed limit is re-raising. If everyone at the table already has $3 in and you raise it to $6, that's not really going to scare anyone out, they are already half way in it. However if the player right before you raises it to $6 and you re-raise them to $9, players at the table that were playing with so-so cards might have to think a little bit before calling your re-raise.