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  • Learn The Basics Of Online Poker

    online poker guideThere is certainly a lot to learn for any new online poker player. Many amateur players will hop onto their computer, go straight to one of the big sites, and start playing immediately. These players are what the online regulars would call the “fish” or “donkeys.” If you are a new online player there are all kinds of options available to you to avoid being the donator at the table. Look at it this way, if you wanted to be a race car driver would you buy a car and try to qualify for the first race you could? Most people would say no. The better route would be to practice as much as possible, meet other drivers, see what works, and try to learn the general ins and outs of the racing world. The same can be said for online poker. Why waste all your money if you could instead spend some time working to improve your game? Perhaps you aren’t aware of all of the poker sites out there, a good idea would be to compare and contrast between the different sites. Preparation will be your key to success in poker.

    Take it slow

    Don’t jump into the games that would require your entire poker bankroll for one buy in. It just makes no sense. Instead you should practice bankroll management, if you are playing No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em you should always have at least 20 buy ins for the stakes you are playing. The more buy ins you have the less risk there is that you will go broke. There are going to be bad days in poker, that is for sure, but you can prepare for them by having an ample bankroll.

    Find your best game

    If your ultimate goal is to become a profitable poker player, you should start off by playing in your best game. If you are playing Texas Hold ‘Em you will generally have a few different games available to you. There will be No Limit, Limit, and Pot Limit games to choose from. In addition to the format is the amount of players at the tables. You can play at a heads up table, a 6-Max table, or a Full Ring table. Some sites offer random variations such as 3 or 4-Max tables as well. If you like to be aggressive heads up would be a great choice. If you are a more passive, laid back player, Full Ring would be your best game. If you are somewhere in between passive and aggressive you might want to try out 6-Max.

    Always be looking for ways to improve

    After you begin to play poker you will start to notice some problem areas in your game. These problems will provide you with an opportunity to refine and improve your skills. No one is going to start off with an incredible skill set, becoming a successful poker player requires hard work more than anything else.

    In a nutshell

    To put it briefly, take your time when starting out as an online poker player. Make sure that you take the baby steps before the big leaps. There are more players than you can imagine who play stakes that are way too high for them. These players are the ones that you want to beat, but you do not want to be one of them yourself.